About Us

At Bywater Business Solutions, we help our clients deliver their message more effectively by developing and implementing a solution that is unique to them, using our three-step process: Evaluate, Innovate, Execute. Our diverse clients have included non-profits, startups, large government entities, and Fortune 500 companies. We meet our clients exactly where they’re at, whether they’re at the beginning of the process and looking for ideas, or have a budget, product, and plan already mapped out. That partnership continues every step of the way, so that we can be sure that we are providing you with the exact tools you need to grow your business. We have a talented graphic designer on staff to design your project and make sure artwork is set up correctly to produce a high-quality final product. We look forward to partnering for success with you. 

If you have any questions about Bywater or anything you see on this website, please call (763) 244-1090 or email chris@bywater.co.


Business Services:

Production of Print Material, Promotional Items, and Apparel
Bywater has an extensive network of production partners, enabling us to provide commercial printing, promotional items, and apparel at competitive prices when and where you need it, anywhere in the US and Canada.

Graphic Design is done in-house or through our team of contract professionals for larger projects.  Whether you need a completely new brand or a stand-alone marketing piece for your organization, we can help.

Cross-Media Marketing programs combine communicating with customers and prospects, using multiple forms of media to present the same integrated message for your brand across a single campaign.

Financial Analysis is key to understanding the success of your organization or marketing campaign.  Measuring return on investment allows us to help you strategize and allocate capital more efficiently.